CURLING: CHN-JPN Olympic Qual 2013 – Women 1 vs 2

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14 Responses to “CURLING: CHN-JPN Olympic Qual 2013 – Women 1 vs 2”

  1. JC Sieger says:

    nice gift for japan

  2. JC Sieger says:

    i thought Japan was shot eventhough Kapp thought the opposite. Camera angle

  3. praireguy23 says:

    Andy Kapp you talk TO MUCH !! Someone shut him up ! lol

  4. JC Sieger says:

    he may talk too much but he has very pertinent comments i think

  5. Hiroyuki Wada says:

    come on JPN

  6. JC Sieger says:

    from japan

  7. JC Sieger says:

    too much weight

  8. TorontoRocks says:

    tie tie OH OH

  9. TorontoRocks says:

    This CHN team won world gold in 2009 so they are deep in experience

  10. TorontoRocks says:

    what time will the JPN NOR game be??

  11. TorontoRocks says:

    and Bronze at the 2010 Olympics in Canada

  12. TorontoRocks says:

    so the JPN – NOR game will be at 4:30CET

  13. TorontoRocks says:

    cld be a steal if Betty misses her draw

  14. TorontoRocks says:

    Japan will host the World Women’s Curling Championship in 2015.