Norway – Canada, Salt Lake 2002

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14 Responses to “Norway – Canada, Salt Lake 2002”

  1. Zayrack says:

    Canada vinner nok -.-

  2. Lampehus says:

    Curling har aldri vært festligere.

  3. beelz3333 says:

    where can I find the womens final? It’s a great final clip, yet I ca’t find
    it anywhere on the inernet.

  4. AlfMartin001 says:

    They should have used the move they use in the clip “Navibot Curling:
    Canada – Norway”. Check it out. Sure win!!

  5. hw6420 says:

    Oh Canada! Good match today in Vancouver 🙂

  6. salten88 says:

    haahha.. sko ønska dette skjedde nå.. men neeeii

  7. MidnightOverlord says:

    shit fps and no score

  8. rogerrask80 says:

    @AlfMartin001 the clip was hilarious. the canadian should had have a

  9. Puro says:

    Gå buksene! 😀 Gleder meg!

  10. Starg93 says:


  11. Simen Brænden Mortensen says:

    Og til helga gjør vi det hele om igjen. Nå slår vi ut Sveits i kveld, også
    tar vi Canada i finalen. Gleder meg til Trulsen setter øya i Martin før
    siste runde!

  12. Jonathan Savosnick says:

    ahhhh gode minner ;D

  13. dawn ralphy says:

    Congrats Norway!! I’m only 9 years late! But, we’ve prevailed since then…
    PS I LOVE the Norwegian uniforms! Very cool! And I’m NOT being sarcastic.
    Very FUN!

  14. pappabuljo says:

    Deasent curling players: Norway:100, Canada:100.000!! We beat canada on an
    icy surface, and that is not an easy thing to do.