USA women’s curling team “What does the skip say”

Movie Rating: 3 / five

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25 Responses to “USA women’s curling team “What does the skip say””

  1. James DeRuvo says:


  2. LowLight says:

    damn just watched a game of curling….and it was intense. RESPECT

  3. Azy says:

    Very cute, love their attitude, their spirit. =)

  4. Greg Percifield says:

    I tried to watch this video twice from different starting points. Was so
    disturbed, I had to stop both times within 15-30 seconds.

  5. rincewind93 says:

    😀 Awesome video! Go USA!

  6. 288theabe says:

    That was so bad, I have tears from laughing lol

  7. Nicholas Seguin says:

    If they would have put half the effort they put into this stupid video into
    the games in Sochi maybe they wouldn’t have made such a fool of

  8. Brian Thar says:

    My wife picked the US to sweep (ha!) in her women’s bracket. I had them
    winning a few more than they did. It was wishful thinking, but at least
    they don’t take themselves to seriously and are willing to promote the
    sport! Best luck in 4 years to both US teams.

  9. rurchan says:

    wow, so horrible. I had to turn this off right away. They definitely tried
    their hardest to destroy the original.

  10. Susan Hylton says:

    I’m embarrassed for them. God, our country sucks more and more every day. 

  11. phillies4100 says:

    U.S. Curling is struggling in Sochi

  12. H Kinsey says:

    Hallelujah, now I know just as much about curling as I did before I saw
    this…which is absolutely nothing. Like cricket I think curling is a
    “sport” with rules best left to the imagination.

  13. Sergey Yudin says:

    it cheers me up to look at these women!))) cool

  14. Christopher Lee says:

    While y’all took time off to make this video Canada and others are
    practicing to take gold but good luck team USA.

  15. yuppicide says:

    I can’t believe I clicked on this by accident. It’s horrible.. and by the
    way curling is not a sport. I hope it curls up and dies.

  16. TheDooodler says:

    Good luck against team Canada. Canada’s got this in the bag.

  17. gewai says:

    Just plain terrible.

  18. McSoila says:

    very nice camera work there! 😀 

  19. Dan Schlicht says:

    GO USA!

  20. Айдар Худайбердин says:

    lol typo

  21. Jenna Krenz says:

    Bring home the gold MCCORMICK!
    Good Curling! 

  22. Danielle Stiel says:

    I know One of them

  23. Jumbybird says:

    Needs some autotuning.

  24. Masaki Ahinsa says:

    whoa! LOL

  25. Pixel Corpse says:

    This was terrible