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Winter Olympics champs calling for latest training base

The Aussie snowboarders have reportedly launched their need for latest training base in the country. The Sochi Olympics witnessed a sole medal winner in snowboarding for Australia and with Torah Bright’s future on uncertainty, the continent might face struggles at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics.

Lydia Lassila achieved a bronze in Sochi freestyle aerial events while Morris won the surprise silver with his amazing performance in men’s competition. On the other hand, Bright too secured silver in snowboard halfpipe.

However, both Morris and Lassila have stated that they won’t be competing this season & have also declined any commitment regarding long-term future in the sport if the continent does not take steps to develop proper aerial-ski facilities.

“I will not be competing this year & would take one year off”, stated Lassila while attending the Sydney hosted “Welcome Home” function organized for Aussie Winter Olympians & Paralympians.

“I have a little son who just turned 3 yesterday & we are always away for so long each year that the 4-year cycle would be a lot for investment. If I go back, it would depend on whether our sport is given Aussie training facilities- It won’t be possible for me o go back if the situation turns otherwise. My son would be at his school soon & hence I won’t be able to do it physically.

Morris did not exactly rule out a further tilt at Winter Games yet admitted that aerial skiing training facilities in his country would mean an easier life & would even inspire fresh talent towards the sport.

“We are at mercy of other countries when it comes to aerial skiing. In 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics run-up, they just threw us out of the facilities as all of a sudden there was not adequate room”, shared a disappointed Morris.

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Norway’s curling team to sport wild pants

Well, it is very lucky that curling is not a game with a whole lot of violent and fast movement. The curling team of Norway has outdone themselves with their newest duds for the Winter Olympics that would take place next month in Sochi, Russia. The team Norway has become known for their pants. They even have an unofficial Facebook page named The Norway Olympic Curling Team’s pants, natch and it has more than 500000 likes.

Havard Vad Petersson, Thomas Ulsrud, Christoffer Svae and Torgor Nergard first made a spatter at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, when they revealed diamond print pants in the white, red and blue colors of their national flag rather than the general black slacks common to rollers. They have also won a silver medal.

Pal Trulsen, the coach of Norway, stated that put it like this, you would not see him sporting them. Except probably at a bad taste party or something.

Meanwhile, memorable host cities for Winter Olympic Games would not have a snowball’s scope of reliably arranging a Winter Game in the next few decades in the midst climate change, stated a brand new report. The Earth continues to heat up in such a rate that just 6 of the last nineteen Winter Olympics venues would be cold enough to be able to host another Winter Games by the end of this century.

Sochi, which is set to host the Games this year would not have made it by around 2050. The lead author of the report stated that the number of the venues would be cut half by mid-century.

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