South Korea not ready to share 2018 Winter Games with Japan

On Friday, South Korea reported that they have no intention of sharing their Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games in 2018 with their rival Japan by denying the International Olympic Committees suggestion for reducing cost.
In one of the top alterations in Olympic movement in several years, the IOC decided on Monday that they would let host cities to shift contests to other places or even to other nations. The whole idea was to reduce the arrangement cost of the Games by utilizing existing places rather than building new ones.

The officials of the International Olympic Committee have triggered the idea of changing over the bobsled as well as luge events of the Games in 2018 to Japan or other places. But South Korea, a place where a lot of people have resentment against Japan, which was its colonial ruler one time, said that this would have none of it.

Pyeongchang organizing committee chairman Cho Yang-ho reasserted that there was no theory of moving few events overseas, as International Olympic Committee suggested to Pyeongchang, said the committee in a statement. Even though Mr. Cho backed International Olympic Committees reform thoughts, he believed that it was tough for Pyeongchang to adopt them because the construction for all match venues has already begun.

IOC is quite eager re reduce the costs of hosting Olympics to make them more sustainable, mainly because a huge sum of $51 billion that the Russian city Sochi spent to arrange Winter Games 2014 has dashed some probable bidders for future Olympic Games.

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